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What does this mean for Soundboard Members?

Pick a contact, Soundboard scans their Notes

Soundboard is another way that Teamzy helps you work smarter and accomplish more every day.

Whether you're on your Teamzy dashboard or checking  things out on your Team page, Soundboard delivers the content you need to make powerful connections based what interests your contacts.


Teamzy & Soundboard want to make sure you always have something to say during your Power Hour.

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Make the Most of Your Power Hour

Automatically Log Your Connects, just select the type of connect and log it!

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You get suggested messages with high performing hashtags that you can easily share everywhere you reach-out to them. 

Don't worry about what to say!
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Teamzy helps you plan your day, and Soundboard gives you what to say.

And gives you articles and videos targeted to their interests along with suggested messages.