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Too Busy to Post On Social every day? Soundboard Platinum Gives You Fully Automated Social Media Sharing.

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Let us take the pressure of posting social media off of your mind. We auto-post trusted content to your LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page, Facebook Group, and Twitter handle. Keep your friends and followers engaged and on top of the latest news.

Save Hours Every Day

Soundboard Platinum is like having your own social media marketing team. Make a big impact on social media. Effortlessly.


The impact has definitely been observed in team growth as well. Before the growth from social media and utilization of Soundboard, we were probably averaging 10 new team members a month, and now we are averaging between 20-30.
    Andrea,  San Antonio, TX

Soundboard doubled our business!

Andrea,  San Antonio, TX

"Soundboard doubled our business!"

Great content wins by creating intrigue, and Soundboard enables us all to be better storytellers.
    Jeff, Denver, CO

Transformed us into great storytellers!

"Transformed us into great storytellers!"

Jeff, Denver, CO
I don't think I would have a business without Soundboard. Around 70% of my business comes from Soundboard and social media.
    Aly,  Sydney, Australia

Soundboard social media drives 70% of our business

"Soundboard social media drives 70% of our business"

Aly,  Sydney, Australia
Soundboard has added credible value to my business and that of my team. It has bridged the gap allowing for an increased positive and consistent social media presence and visibility in a noisy social world.
    Jamie, Kansas City, MO

Created the visibility and credibility we needed!

"Created the visibility and credibility we needed!"

Jamie,  Kansas City, MO

Easy setup, no credit card required

Trusted by over 20,000 professionals. Soundboard content powers individuals and teams around the world.


Real Conversations

Form Relationships

that Build Business

Transform the way you use Linkedin and Facebook.  Analyze a prospect or customer's likes and interests to deliver engaging content to grow your credibility.

Your leads have never been warmer.

Soundboard Smart Mode

Soundboard analyzes a prospect or customer's LinkedIn profile page or Facebook About section and delivers relevant articles and suggested messages based on that individual's interests and likes. All without ever leaving the page. Plus it's easy to share everywhere.

Use it to strengthen your business, engage prospects and show customers you care.

Soundboard Search Mode

Search mode puts Soundboard's vast library of content at your fingertips. While on any Facebook or LinkedIn profile, page or group, you can search on a topic to interest a prospect, a group, or establish your credibility.  

Post on your page. Contribute to a group. Share in a meeting or on a call. Wherever you share you'll always know exactly what to say.